2016: The Best Practices

Institute for Politics and Society in cooperation with Česká spořitelna, Friedrich Naumann Foundation and partners held an international conference Digitální Česko (Digital Czech Republic) on February 29 2016.

The conference opened the dialogue between Czech state administration and the private sector in key points of the digital economy. The approach of public institutions in this sphere is often criticized in the Czech Republic and even in the European Union it has been called a weak point.

The aim of the conference  was to identify the main disputed points and possible solutions of concrete issues:

  • Which issues should public institutions pay attention to to improve their own activity and efficacy to society´s benefit?
  • Where is the intervetion of public control neccessary and needed for further development of the digital economy?
  • And on the contrary where does public control create useless obstacles?

The main speakers of the conference were Anna Piperal (E-government, Estonia), Pavel Kysilka (former executive governor of Czech National Bank and managing director of Česká spořitelna, Czech Republic), Dita Charanzová (member of European Parliament, Czech Republic) and Jaromír Novák (chairman of Czech Telecommunication Office, Czech Republic).

The conference divided into panels consisting of:

  1. Innovation
  2. Digital banking and financial technologies
  3. Education 4.0
  4. Cybernetic Security
  5. Smart Cities

Download: Brochure with program (pdf)