Charles Burton

Political Panel / Canada

Senior Fellow, Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Centre for Advancing Canada’s Interests Abroad and Non-Resident Senior Fellow, European Values Center for Security Policy. Charles has published extensively on China’s...

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Jaroslav Bžoch

Political Panel / Czech republic

Jaroslav Bžoch holds the position of Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and of the Committee on European Affairs in the Chamber of Deputies of the...

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Scott Eastman

Political Panel / United States of America

Scott Eastman is a geopolitical forecaster and analyst, identified as a “Superforecaster™” by outperforming the average of the US Intelligence Community by more than 30% without...

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Marcin Jerzewski

Political Panel / Poland

Marcin Jerzewski is the Head of the Taiwan Office of the European Values Center for Security Policy. He also serves as an analyst contributing to the...

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Jacob Funk Kirkegaard

Economic Panel / Denmark

Jacob Funk Kirkegaard has been a nonresident senior fellow with the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) and a resident senior fellow with the German Marshall...

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Ondřej Kovařík

Economic Panel / Czech Republic

Mr. Ondřej Kovařík was born on August 21, 1980 in Kyjov. He studied international trade, international politics and diplomacy at the University of Economics in Prague...

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Robert Králíček

Security Panel / Czech republic

Robert Králíček currently works as a Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Committee on Security and the Committee...

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Jan Macháček

Welcome Speech and Economic Panel / Czech Republic

Jan Macháček is a Czech journalist and musician, working as a commentator and analyst for the daily newspaper Lidové noviny. Before, he worked for Hospodářské noviny and Respekt, the latter of...

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Cameron Munter

Security Panel / United States of America

Cameron Munter is a global consultant based in Prague. He previously worked as a diplomat, academic, and executive. He is currently Senior Fellow at the CEVRO...

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Erika Rodríguez Pinzón

Security Panel / Colombia/Spain

Erika is a sociologist and earned a Ph.D. in political science at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). Currently, she is a lecturer and associated researcher...

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J. E. Luís de Almeida Sampaio

Security panel / Portugal

J. E. Luís de Almeida Sampaio, born in Porto in 1957, is a distinguished diplomat with a law degree from the University of Coimbra in 1982....

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Šárka Shoup

Welcome Speech / Czech Republic

Šárka Shoup is the director of the Institute for Politics and Society. In this position, she is responsible for managing a team and the implementation of...

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Nury Turkel

Political Panel / United States

Nury A. Turkel is an attorney, author, and a leading expert on US-China relations.  He formerly served as Chair of the US Commission on International Religious...

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Dorka Takácsy

Security Panel / Hungary

Dorka Takácsy is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID), focusing on disinformation, and a Visiting Fellow of the German Marshall...

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Renata Zilli

Economic Panel / Italy/Mexico

Renata Zilli is a researcher at the European Centre for International Political Economy. She is a graduate of the master’s degree in International Economics and Latin...

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