French Republic

Jacques Rupnik was educated at the University of Paris and at Harvard, is currently Research Professor at CERI-Sciences Po in Paris as well as visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges. Since he joined CERI, Sciences Po in 1982 he has been writing and lecturing about East and Central European history and politics and European integration. He was advisor to President Vaclav Havel in the 1990’s. Executive director of the International Commission for the Balkans, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1995-1996) and drafter of its report Unfinished Peace (1996), member of the Independent International Commission on Kosovo (1999-2000) and co-drafter of The Kosovo Report (Oxford UP, 2000). Among the various positions held: advisor to the European Commission (2007 – 2010). Member of the board of the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation in The Hague 2010-2017. Member of the board of directors of the European Partnership for Democracy in Brussels (2008-2013). He has been a visiting Professor in several European universitiesand at Harvard. J.Rupnik’s publications include The Other Europe (1989), Le Printemps tchécoslovaque 1968 (1999), and, more recently, 1989 as a Political World Event: Democracy, Europe and the new international system, with an introduction by V.Havel, London, Routledge, (2014,), Géopolitique de la démocratization, l’Europe et ses voisinages, Presses de Sciences Po (2014), Europe at the Crossraods: Democracy, neighbourhoods, migrations, published by the Vaclav Havel Library, Prague, 2018, Senzo il muro, l’Eurppa et il mondo dopo il crollo del communismo, Rome, Donzelli, 2019.