Moderator of VIP TALK II
Czech Republic

Marcela Konrádová is a graduate of Political Science at Masaryk University, Brno. During her studies, Marcela specialised in election studies and political marketing. In 2017 she completed her postgraduate studies focusing on comparative political science and Czech politics.
Marcela has participated in several internships and trainee programs for organisations such as or, she was also an external collaborator of the Institute of Political Marketing and
Marcela contributed to the preparation of the movement ANO 2011 or slovak movement Sloboda a Solidarita election campaigns. On analytical positions, Marcela has worked on international projects in Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria and other countries. She cooperates externally with the Institute for Politics and Society. She also externally cooperates with the Institute for Politics and Society.
She also worked as a spokesperson at the Prague 8 City District Office. She is currently an external lecturer at the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University.