Closing Remarks/ Germany, Belgium

Daniel Kaddik is the Executive Director of the European Liberal Forum (ELF), the political foundation of the European Liberal Party, the ALDE Party. Together with 46 member organisations, it works all over Europe to bring new ideas into the political debate, to provide a platform for discussion, and to empower citizens to make their voices heard. 

From 2012-2019, Daniel Kaddik has been the Director of the Southeast Europe office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, a non-profit organisation that promotes liberal values, the rule of law, and economic freedom. Providing policy consultations and educational programs, the Foundation is active in more than 60 countries. 

Having worked previously for the Foundation in Germany, India, and Russia, Daniel Kaddik is actively involved in promoting entrepreneurship and personal and political responsibility. His primary interests lay in the fields of liberal policy solutions, economics and social sciences as well as entrepreneurship and citizen participation in governance. 

He received degrees in Governmental Studies from the University of Erfurt, European Studies from the University of Hamburg, and International Studies from the University of Birmingham.