Economic Panel / Denmark

Jacob Funk Kirkegaard has been a nonresident senior fellow with the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) and a resident senior fellow with the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) in the GMf’s Brussels office since September 2020. In the Fall of 2022, Jacob joined 22V, a private financial market research firm in New York, as the Head of European Research. He has been associated with the PIIE since 2002 and was a resident senior fellow from 2013. Before joining the PIIE, he worked with the Danish Ministry of Defense, the United Nations in Iraq, and in the private financial sector. He is the author, coauthor or coeditor of Transatlantic Economic Challenges in an Era of Growing Multipolarity (2012), US Pension Reform: Lessons from Other Countries (2009), The Accelerating Decline in America’s High-Skilled Workforce: Implications for Immigration Policy (2007) and Transforming the European Economy (2004). He is a graduate of the Danish Army’s Special School of Intelligence and Linguistics with the rank of first lieutenant; the University of Aarhus in Aarhus, Denmark; the Columbia University in New York; and received his PhD in political economy from Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies. Jacob frequently appears in global media and his current research focuses on European economies and reform, the transatlantic economic and political relationship, efficient decarbonization strategies, China long-term economic growth prospects, immigration, foreign direct investment trends and estimations, pension systems, demographics, offshoring, and the productivity impact of information technology.